1 Familiarizing the learning -Interaction platform

Here we learn specifics and familiarize how the Online-virtual and asynchronous class room works.

If you can browse, Create and write an E-mail, then you are 90% ready for taking an online class with Moodle LMS !

The advantages of technology need to be properly harnessed (a) to facilitate the learning experience and (b) overcome the difficulties of lacking direct personal proximity and eye-contact interaction.

To learn how Moodle Learning Management System LMS works, there are many online video resources. You may also check resoruces :




Other tools you would (mostly) need ( and these are FREE !)

a)    Adobe PDF Format reader : http://get.adobe.com/reader/ 

       You can have a version 5.0 above for getting good beenfits. Current running version is 11.x ! Go for the latest.

b)   A Browser which can support JAVA script - IE 6.0 above or any equivalent of it (Some programs are specific about IE only!) Fire Fox, Safari Netscape.. all should work geenrally !

c)   Office suites ( Windows based preferred ; Other wise, you may need appropraite readers for .docx , Powerpoints and the like). Technology has its preferences and also prejudices ! Same thing about the Image readers, Video play and Vocie players. Should not be too much of a problem. We focus on driving the car ( The subject -content of course) ; not the building of the road (Technology handshake!) .

Compared to the challenges of the subject you are looking to explore, the above set up is a child's play !